5 Things to Know about Instagram’s New IGTV

Last week, Instagram announced a new video feature, IGTV, a way to share videos within the Instagram platform. IGTV allows users to create channels through their existing Instagram accounts and post videos up to an hour in length. This is an exciting addition to the platform, but before you leverage this new feature, there are a few basics you should know:


Anyone Can Have a Channel

Whether you are a fitness icon with national notoriety or an average Joe just wanting to share your thoughts, you can have an IGTV channel to post videos. The process to set up a channel takes only seconds and then you can get started posting videos longer than 1-minute. Currently, new accounts and accounts with smaller followings can only post content up to 10 minutes. In the future, Instagram plans to allow all users to post up to 60-minute videos.


Easily Accessible

You can easily access Instagram’s IGTV through the current application or a separate IGTV standalone application. At the top of the Instagram interface, there is now a new icon next to direct messages that takes you directly to IGTV. When your friends and the people you follow post to IGTV, this will highlight and notify you of the new content.



Content. Content. Content.

In order to attract an audience and as with other social media platforms, you should post authentic content that matters on a consistent basis. Some businesses are already using IGTV to provide content such as how-to guides and more exclusive content that is strictly related to the platform. Gary Vaynerchuk, known for his work in digital marketing and social media, often speaks about using these tools for documenting and not creating. IGTV is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of this.


Advertising on IGTV

Currently, there are no advertising opportunities on IGTV, however that will likely change in the near future. IGTV will be a new placement opportunity for marketers as well as a way for channels to monetize their videos. For now, IGTV should be used to grow your audience.


Another Takeover?

A key differentiator is that IGTV is strictly vertical-only video compared to being able to do both vertical and landscape on YouTube. Given the video format, and that Instagram lends itself to a more “instant” creation rather than produced content, audiences may remain separate, but not for long.

IGTV may eventually give YouTube a run for their money. Lack of advertisements and commercials will be an ideal selling point for users right now, but it will be interesting to see how YouTube responds in the long-run. The Quint recently noted how Instagram beat Snapchat by doing what they do, so will YouTube suffer the same fate?

Shortly after IGTV was announced, Gary Vaynerchuk tweeted a screenshot of an email asking about leveraging YouTube or IGTV. Vaynerchuk simply responded, “Always both.” If you are already utilizing YouTube, begin adding some documentation style content to your calendar for IGTV.

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