4 Ways to Achieve a Team Driven Culture

The saying, “teamwork makes a dream work” holds true at GRIT. Although we’re an agency with many areas of focus: communications, graphic design, public relations and digital marketing—we know working collaboratively as a team delivers the best work to our clients. Working as a team doesn’t just benefit our clients, it also promotes a positive work environment and helps to define our culture.

We don’t pretend to be the experts in workplace experiences, but what we have at GRIT works pretty well. Here’s how we promote a team driven culture in their workplace:

  • Practice What You Preach
  • Open Communication
  • Work Fun into the Agenda
  • Identify Teamwork within Company Culture

Practice What You Preach

Whether you’re a manager or have seniority, if you’re in a position of authority, you are setting the tone for the rest of the employees. If teamwork and collaboration is important to your culture, be sure you maintain teamwork even when things are going wrong. There may be temptation to shut the door and go at it alone, but by pulling other team members in to help solve the problem, the team succeeds together. At GRIT, we believe we fail as a team or succeed as a team.

Open Communication

Team members should feel safe to communicate their ideas, points of views and feelings. Open communication not only fosters a sense of belonging and security, but is also essential to keeping teammates looped into daily happenings with clients.

At GRIT, our team meets every Tuesday to Friday morning for 10 to 20 minutes. First, we share any good news we have (personally or professionally), and then we get down to business. One by one, each team member gives a brief overview of what they have and what he or she needs from other team members that day. Everyone attends—from our interns to our company president.

Why not Mondays? – Because Monday morning we have a production meeting to take a deep dive into each client and the projects that are underway. In a fast-paced environment, these meetings keep everyone informed of what’s happening with each and every GRIT client.

Work Fun into the Agenda

Let’s face it, many working adults have very little time to relax or have fun. They go to work and they go home… to cook, clean, do laundry and chauffer their children to and from activities…and then it’s off to bed.

It’s important to break up the monotony and schedule some fun at work. Start with once a quarter and then shoot for once a month. It can be something as simple as a potluck lunch, hitting happy hour, miniature golf or heading out to a night out at a ballpark. Whatever it may be, it’s a small investment of time that pays off big when it comes to the team dynamics. Escape games and bowling are two of our favorites at GRIT!



Identify Teamwork within Company Culture

If you haven’t taken the time to do so, identify your company’s values. Get together with your leadership team, and then the employees to discover how they really feel about the company culture. You might be surprised at how different their answers are. By sitting down and identifying company values together, you’ll have buy-in from the whole team. What are your company fundamentals? Do you live by them?

The Benefits of a Team Driven Culture

Productivity. It is proven that people hold themselves more accountable to a task when they tell someone else about it. By looping everyone into our daily tasks at the start of the day, we are making a promise to ourselves and our teammates to deliver the work that is most pressing for the day.

Inclusivity. Every department and all levels of our agency are present, allowing everyone to feel included and up to speed as to what is going on in our office. In our fast-paced environment, this is our opportunity to check-in with everyone all at once.

Teamwork. When we run through our projects, we usually have a lot to list. Often, another team member will chime in saying, “I can help you with that project!” Also, if a team member doesn’t have a many projects for the day he or she will often add, “If anyone needs extra help I’m available.” Without a daily meeting, we wouldn’t be as great of a team.

We’ve seen great success at GRIT with our team driven culture. If you’d like to dive into your company values and don’t know where to start, give us a shout. We have conducted research for many clients, through focus groups, surveys and interviews. The results are usually eye-opening, and when addressed, have been game changers—for the better.