2015 Business Checklist

It’s a new year, and that means … new opportunities await.
Is your business ready for 2015?

Our team at Moxie works hard to ensure our clients have set goals for their businesses that will increase clientele and revenue. However we can help, we do. And wherever we can offer our expertise in marketing and communications, we do that too. Now that January is kicking off the new year, it’s a great time to reflect on the past year, examine your strengths and weaknesses and set a plan for how 2015 can bring you great success. Once you’ve had the opportunity to reflect, it’s time to look forward and get your Business Checklist or a Things-to-Do List ready to go.


Here are a few things we recommend you include (if you haven’t already):


Marketing Strategy

What is your marketing plan for 2015? We hope you’ve given this some thought or intend to in the very near future. Creating a marketing strategy gives your business direction by mapping out how you will reach target audiences through the correct mediums. At Moxie, we combine market research with strategic planning, creative advertising and sharp execution to get our clients noticed and on the path to success. Your marketing strategy should establish measurable objectives to meet your goals in 2015.


Public Relations

Whether you think you do or you don’t need public relations, you do. Trust us. If you aren’t yet putting yourself in the public eye, you’re missing out. Whether it’s for community involvement, reaching business milestones or simply for doing something good or recognizable, it’s worth taking the time to share the news with the public. It’s all about establishing relationships and brand recognition beyond the advertising efforts. Moxie’s PR team maximizes every opportunity to get our clients in the spotlight of the outlets that reach their target audiences. Are you doing the same?


Social Media

Get social. Take time to consider how social media can help you achieve your goals and consider which outlets are right for you. Social media is where a majority of audiences are spending their time … all day long. Social media provides a powerful way to connect with your target audiences by sharing updates and cultivating relationships. Yes, people do feel as though they’ve built relationships with the companies they have liked on Facebook or followed on Twitter. We encourage our clients to have a social media plan that is strategically aligned with their business goals. Whether your goals include improvements in organic search engine optimization or audience engagement, setting a strategy for social is a must as 2015 gets underway. Need help here? Give us a shout!


Like we said, the above are just a few of the things you should be sure are included on your business’s 2015 checklist. Of course, there’s much more that goes into planning for a successful year … and a successful business overall. We hope you’ve done your homework and are ready for what’s to come, and we’re wishing you a very exciting 2015! If you think your business could use a little Moxie help to get on the right track for 2015, get in touch and say hello. We’d love to talk!