Farewell from Sarah

After three short months with Moxie, summer has come to an end, and unfortunately, so has my internship. Next week, I will be returning to Penn State to finish my college career. But, thanks to Moxie, I will go back to school with top-notch experience and many fond memories.

Moxie is a truly wonderful group of hard-working and creative women, and I am very thankful to have spent the summer with them. From my very first day here, I knew it wasn’t your ordinary internship. In fact, I could tell at my interview when Julie, President and Founder of Moxie, invited me to join a brainstorming session. As I sat at the table with the creative individuals from the Moxie team, I was in awe of the way they worked together. I was welcomed as if I were already part of the team and immediately got to see how hard they work for their clients.

That day, Julie asked me what I wanted to experience while I was here and how they could make the summer more beneficial to me. That really set the tone for my experience with Moxie. I knew I would be getting valuable experience with a great company. And I was right.

It didn’t take long for me to get involved in big projects. In my first week, I had the opportunity to write radio spots, write a press release (which I had never done before) and take part in another brainstorming session. While the brainstorming sessions were one of my favorite aspects of the internship, I worked on a number of other awesome projects. (Really, they were all exciting!)

I contributed ideas to social media plans and helped create a blog post about brand colors and their meanings. I also had the opportunity to help promote upcoming events through social media, community calendars and other news sources. Later, I measured the success of our efforts by compiling various PR reports. I really enjoyed the involvement with the PR-side of the agency; not all ‘marketing’ interns get that kind of experience.

Another one of my favorite projects was working on a Twitter sweepstakes campaign. From research and street-teaming to radio deliveries and getting behind-the-scenes at radio stations, I gained a lot of insight.

I have learned so much at Moxie, and I had a blast doing it! I am thankful to have the incredible experience they have given me. I couldn’t ask for a better group of women to work with, either. The Moxie team is definitely dedicated, friendly, enthusiastic and incredibly welcoming. All more reason why Moxie is a great company to get to know!


To Sarah – From Us:
Sarah, you will do GREAT things in your future! We are lucky to have had you on our team this summer. Now, go back to your PSU home, get that degree, do big things and kick butt while you’re at it!