Farewell from Maura

It’s amazing what you can learn in just three short months…

It took me some time to figure out how I was going to write this farewell. There were so many thoughts that I could have shared, and I wasn’t quite sure how to narrow it down.

However, I decided I wanted to make people aware of how wonderful this experience was for me by sharing exactly what I had learned. And yes… there was a lot, but here’s a list of ten.

I learned …

  1. … for starters, how to battle the scanner and copier … and win! I am now an expert at searching for important clips from the newspaper, and then successfully feeding them into the dreaded machine – but all for good reason!
  2. … that I loved when the team got together for a brainstorming session. It was a special time, because every member had a different personality. It was interesting to see how everyone worked together. With so many creative minds, not only were we extremely productive, but we also had a blast in the process!
  3. … how to create an editorial calendar. In other words, a fancy schedule containing every single social media post that is going to be shared across multiple platforms – creatively written and color-coded, I should add.
  4. … that writing press releases definitely requires a different style of writing, and it was certainly a challenge for me. I am still not sure how I feel about them. Yet, when writer’s block did occur, I was still able to press on (pun intended).
  5. … that I actually might have an interest in radio. There was a day we went out to make client deliveries to local stations, and I was EXTREMELY intrigued. That was also one of my favorite days, because I was able to really get to know a Moxie team member and much more about the industry (car rides allow for lots of conversation time!). It was also a day I got to work with different people outside of the office, and I am definitely a people person.
  6. … that I have fallen in love with York City. When I first began college, I wanted nothing more than to graduate and move away. However, Moxie has provided me with a different perspective. I now plan on staying around for a while and immersing myself in all that York truly has to offer.
  7. … that I couldn’t work hard when there was a bowl of candy sitting in front of me, which happened frequently. Okay, let’s be honest… I already knew that one. But I felt as though it was worth mentioning.
  8. … that I was looking to be inspired – and believe me, I was. When I first met Julie, president and founder of Moxie, I was immediately drawn by her personality. I saw so many qualities that I admire and hope to attain, but also many that I know I already possess.
  9. … that I am so lucky to have been provided with this incredible opportunity. When I heard about Moxie, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and talking to the right person. I have realized that even the smallest, most mundane moments can open a door to something so much bigger. I can walk away content with the knowledge and skills I have gained and the incredible people I have met along the way.
  10. … most of all, that I aspire to be like every single hard working, dedicated, beautiful, and successful woman that works in this office. The company would not be where it is at today without each individual that makes up the incredible team at Moxie. As a young lady soon to be entering a professional world, I could not have asked for better role models to guide me along the path to my future.

And now, my time has officially come to a close. I couldn’t be more grateful for everything Moxie has provided for me. I will take everything I have learned and apply it to my life. I know I am going in the right direction, and as I continue with my college career, these lessons learned will assist me in becoming the person I am supposed to be.

And to the women of Moxie: Thank you… for everything.