Website Strategy, Design & Development

As a major vehicle for ticket sales and membership development, the Strand-Capitol’s website is a carefully strategized mix of information about upcoming events and the many educational and community programs they provide. GRIT worked with the Strand’s database company to seamlessly integrate online ticket and membership sales, while also providing the Strand with complete content control, including a fully-customized and searchable online event calendar.



Public Relations

Over the last year, GRIT secured hundreds of feature stories, broadcast interviews, cover placements and entertainment articles for a direct advertising value of over $700,000. Public relations for the Strand focuses on a mix of performance-based outreach (including coordinating with agents and publicists of touring acts) and community engagement efforts designed to highlight the Strand’s educational and community programs.


Strand advertising strategies are focused on promoting the performances and include an integrated mix of media designed to maximize frequency and reach. Strategies are tailored to each show’s audience and available budget and include:

  • Outdoor
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Online & Digital

To learn more about the Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center, visit their website at