“Live every day with a thankful heart, and you will discover more things to be thankful for.” – Anonymous


Communications Specialist

As Communications Specialist, Casey is responsible for developing strategic communications for our clients, from writing content for social media and digital platforms to public relations and print copy. Each client has a unique message to deliver, brand personality to share and tone of voice to maintain. Casey works with clients to develop messaging and outreach that will resonate with target audiences and achieve core communications goals.

Casey returned to Grit in 2016, after first having been a part of the team for two years as Digital Media Specialist. Her most recent work experience includes a position as Director of Marketing and Communications at Thrivent Financial. She has also worked at Brewery Products Co. and Gavin Advertising in York. These experiences offered the opportunity to work with a variety of clients with varied communication styles and goals.

Casey is a graduate from York College of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts degree in public relations and minors in speech communications and advertising. She currently resides in York with her husband, Chris, son, Hayden, and two Jack Russel Terriers, Jax and Mia.

What’s at the top of your bucket list?
Traveling – vacationing to the Caribbean, taking a road trip out West, flying to Hawaii, visiting Colorado. I want to do all those things! Visiting Spain or Greece is high up on that list too.

What do you love? What do you enjoy?
Time with my family. A day with them is a perfect day!

What keeps you professionally motivated?
A lot. The team I work with, because they are encouraging, high-energy, creative people. My husband and little boy, because I want to help support our family as best I can. Myself, because there is personal satisfaction in doing things for others and contributing to a company’s (and clients’) success. Oh, and coffee! Coffee keeps me motivated!